LUMIREN LED Agriculture Growing Linear Light



LED growing light is a new supplementary light for plant’s growth. After test, the wavelength of LED growing light is very suitable for plant’s growing, blossoming, fruiting. LED growing light adapts the international leading semiconductor lighting theory. It is a sophisticated technology product, which especially for the growth of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Typically, the flowers which raised in indoor will become more and more weak because lack of light exposure. But after using the suitable light spectrum of LED grow light, it will not only promote the flower’s growth, but also extend its flowering period, which will greatly enhance its quality. Basically, a 2-day lifetime’s flower can extend to about 20 days after exploring in the LED grow light. If we applied this highly efficient light source system to greenhouses and other agricultural facilities, the problems of declined taste of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and other greenhouse vegetables because of insufficient sunlight will be solved.

With the development of science and technology, LED Grow Light has slowly replaced the traditional high pressure sodium lights, plant trichromatic fluorescent lights and Energy-saving lights.

Features & Applications:

  • These LED aquarium lights use only about half the electricity as HPS lights, and produce much more yield per watt
  • High lighting effect, 90% light will be absorbed by cubs, but to the tradition HPSL and MHL, that light effect is just 8% – 10%
  • Cooling system: Al6063 plate, pure aluminum shell, make whole lamps and lanterns is more stable in utility
  • Long lifespan, better compared with the traditional glass fiber board
  • Led Aquarium light bar
  • Easy Installation
  • Waterproof, No fans
  • Suitable for hydroponic system
  • High lighting effect, 90% led grow light will be absorbed by plant
  • Within cooling system, Use Only 1/2 electricity of LED grow light than one HPS light
  • It will produce much more yield per watt