LUMIREN LED Candle Light



LUMIREN LED Candle light was designed to replace traditional Halogen lamps. The LED candle light can replace up to 40W Halogen lamps due to its high luminous efficiency. Diffuse cover design ensure the low level of glare that creates comfortable lighting environment. Two bases can be chosen: E27 and E14. It is widely used in villas, restaurants, living room, hotel and other large crystal lamps and lanterns.

Features & Applications:

  • New high efficiency constant current drive
  • Uniform light output & glare control
  • Work perfectly in high humidity environments
  • High brightness & excellent CRI
  • Long life, high luminance
  • Low energy consumption, save electricity up to 70%
  • Environmental friendly – no mercury or hazardous material
  • Long Life Span up to 36,000 hours
  • CE & Rohs compliant
  • Eliminates maintenance and reduces costs